The online status module shows all the streamers in your site with their current online presence. With its many options you'll always find a configuration that works for your website or specific page. For example, disable all offline streamers to show only your online streamers. Even display a message when all of your streamers are online or offline!

Online Status Options

  • Show
    Select wether to show all streamers, only online streamers or only offline streamers.
  • Status Ordering
    Select wether online streamers should go on top or offline streamers should.
  • List Sorting
    Select the way streamers are being sorted in the list. This happens per status.
  • Show Indicators
    Enable this option to show the dots indicating the online- or offline status.
  • Link Usernames
    Enable this option to make the usernames a link to their Twitch stream on
  • All Online Messages
    Shows a message if all streamers are online.
  • All Offline Message
    Shows a message if all streamers are offline.