SD Twitch Stream is a fully featured live-stream package for Twitch. Transform your gaming website into a community with live streams, live chats and statusses. Take a look at a few of the many features SD Twitch Stream has!

Embed live streams, live chats, statusses, clips and collections anywhere on your website using menu-items or modules. They come fully featured with options as "Hide if Offline" which will disable the item if the streamer goes offline and enable them when the streamer comes back online.


SD Twitch Streams now works with a cronjob! This means that users won't be interrupted by the Twitch API requests on your site. All data is retrieved through the cronjob meaning your site is never slow. All data is cached and optimized in the database meaning pages now load lightning fast!


SD Twitch Stream comes with a beatiful Bootstrap 4 dashboard and shows all your streamers' their status, live streams and top 10 games! Get insights in your streaming community.


Included in the package



  • CLI Application (cronjob)
  • Overridable Layouts
  • Library
  • Logging in using Twitch.